Financing concepts to improve investors’ return

The prerequisite for the realisation of a project in the renewable energies sector is to secure financing first.

Solid and competitive financing concepts are the pillars of project success. This includes a thorough analysis and the optimisation of the construction and operating costs of wind and solar farms.

Our customers benefit from our long-standing cooperation with credit institutions operating worldwide within the PNE Group, because integrity and reliability are decisive factors in the finance business. During the entire project phase, we are responsible for the collaboration with banks and insurance companies and ensure optimum project financing. The profitability calculations and continuous liquidity planning for each and every project are in good hands with us during all planning stages.

Leistungen Finanzdienstleistungen

Energy consult provides the following services:

  • Financing
  • Procurement of equity and debt financing for the investment
  • New and revised structuring of existing financing schemes
  • Project sale
  • Preparation of high-quality documentation
  • Monitoring of the project due diligence (DD)
  • Creation of a market approach strategy and its implementation
  • Conducting the contractual negotiations up to conclusion
  • Economic optimisation
  • Optimisation of the wind farm constellation under economic aspects incl. selection of wind power turbines, O&M concept development and negotiation
  • Review and drafting of the general contractor and project development agreement
  • Due diligence
  • Complete vendor and buy-side due diligence