Connection for wind energy – Kührstedt substation on the grid

The rapid erection of 13 wind turbines with a capacity of 43.2 megawatts in Kührstedt/Alfstedt in the Lower Saxony district of Cuxhaven is now technically possible. Commissioning of the Kührstedt substation ensures that the wind turbines currently under construction can feed their electricity into the high-voltage grid of Avacon, the electricity and gas grid operator. energy consult, the future-oriented wind farm manager from Cuxhaven, is responsible for the technical management of the wind turbines and the substation and now manages more than 770 wind turbines with a capacity of 1500 megawatts and 11 substations.

“The substation built by PNE WIND is our first installation with a low-maintenance GE hermetic transformer,” reports Malte Mehrtens, Technical Director of energy consult. As substations are usually in operation for more than twenty years, the use of reliable and low-maintenance technology more than pays off for the operators in this period, says Mehrtens.

The task of the new substation is to transform the medium voltage of the wind turbines from 30,000 volts to 110,000 volts high voltage. As energy consult reports, the capacity of the new substation is large enough to integrate further or even more powerful wind turbines into the power grid in the future. “The high level of competence of energy consult in the operational management of substations and wind turbines should also pay off for the Kührstedt/Alfstedt wind farm,” adds Jörg Schröder, Managing Director of the operating company.