Continued operation of wind turbines without EEG support

Is it possible to continue profitable operation without EEG remuneration?

Many operators will have to ask themselves this question over the next few years, as many wind farms are no longer eligible for support under the EEG. In addition, plant operators are exposed to the fluctuating market price in direct marketing. This can lead to liquidity bottlenecks and jeopardise continued operations. The solution is to fix the electricity purchase price for a period (annually) in advance, which ensures a stabilisation of earnings.

Flexible power purchase agreements (PPAs) tailored to continued operation

Together with selected marketers, energy consult has developed power purchase agreements (PPAs) that are designed to meet the flexibility requirements for the operation of wind power turbines that are no longer subsidised.

Features of our power purchase agreements (PPAs)

  • No obligation to supply a minimum quantity
  • Termination of the agreement without obligation to pay damages when using repowering options
  • No liability for damages in case of total failure of a plant
  • No additional security in the form of bank guarantees
  • Complete freedom of choice between price fixing on the future market or direct marketing
  • Fixed power purchase price is also paid in hours with negative prices and redispatch

What is the composition of the fixed electricity purchase price?

To receive remuneration for the energy generated from renewable energy sources at a fixed price, it is necessary to conclude a power purchase agreement with a marketer. The marketer sells the energy generated in the future and assumes the risk of price and production fluctuations. In addition, plant operators can generate income from the sale of Guarantees of Origin (GoO). A Guarantee of Origin is a document that proves electricity originates from renewable sources and is billed per megawatt hour of electricity generated. The sale of this certificate is usually part of the power purchase agreement.

The fixed power purchase price is the future baseload price minus a markdown for the marketer, which covers the risk of variable feed-in and includes the remuneration for the guarantees of origin. The future baseload price is a product on the power exchange for the constant supply of electricity over a defined period in the future. To be able to compare offers from different marketers, it is therefore primarily the discount that should be compared, as the future baseload price is variable over time.

Your advantages as a plant operator in working with energy consult

  • You can benefit from the connections and volume of the PNE Group on the electricity market through attractive conditions
  • You save yourself the trouble of building up expertise in the complex field of electricity marketing
  • You have access to experts from, for example, the energy industry as well as energy and contract legislation and you can save these costs in your own organisation
  • You remain flexible with energy consult's standardised agreements (including the option of termination due to major damage and repowering)