Personalised advice on the use of bird protection systems (BPS) from Bioseco

Effectively protect red kites, white storks, white-tailed eagles and other species with Bird Protection Systems and minimise shutdown times and yield losses

Bird Protection Systems (BPS) are defined in the German Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG) as a technically recognised conservation measure (see Annex 1 Section 2 to § 45b Paragraphs 1 - 6). They therefore represent an alternative technical solution for the fulfilment of nature conservation requirements.

Energy consult has been working intensively on the topic of Bird Protection Systems since 2020 in order to protect the avifauna in wind farm areas and at the same time reduce downtimes and thus yield losses.

We are pleased to provide our customers with our accumulated expertise from research and practical tests and, with our Bird Protection Systems, to offer a technical solution with which nature conservation regulations can be effectively complied with.

We are happy to support you and offer you professional and competent advice on equipping your wind turbines with a bird protection system.

The BioConsult report confirms the performance of Bioseco's Bird Protection System according to KNE criteria.

268 planned & installed Bird Protection Systems from Bioseco in 2024

Energy consult provides the following services customised to your needs:

Suitability test
• Economic viability
• Avifauna preliminary assessment
• GIS landscape analyses
• Layout design

Reporting & controlling
• Ensuring optimised operation
• Regular reporting according to customer format
• Controlling yield loss savings

Service & maintenance
• Ensuring optimised operation
• Full service

• Customisation of your BPS project to the conditions on site
• Installation height
• Yield loss analysis

Frequently asked questions:

Bioseco's Bird Protection System is cost-efficient: it requires the lowest investment and operating costs of any KNE-compliant Bird Protection System in Germany.

High demands are placed on BPS, especially in Germany. With Bioseco, you can rely on a high-performance and secure BPS to effectively protect the avifauna around your wind farm. All guidelines for authorisation are complied with in accordance with KNE.

The BPS from Bioseco can be customised. It is installed at the base of the wind turbine tower at a height of up to 20 metres. The installation height can be adjusted on site depending on the terrain to ensure an ideal viewing area. In addition to an on-site inspection, the ideal installation height is also determined using a GIS landscape analysis.

In addition, installation directly on the tower offers short communication paths to the wind turbine and an existing power connection. In addition, no external camera tower is required in the centre of the wind farm. This eliminates the need for additional land leases and building permits.

Bioseco's BPS can detect red kites up to a distance of 700 metres and white-tailed eagles up to 800 metres.

The eight viewing areas of the individual camera modules are illustrated in the detection area shown. Each module covers a viewing area of 45° horizontally and 65° vertically.

The eight individual camera modules are attached using magnets (Steel Tower) or metal loops (Concrete Tower), depending on the type of tower, so that no invasive drilling is necessary.

The Bioseco web application informs the operator about bird activity on site. Flight events can be tracked using photos and videos. It is also possible to document the flight paths with the position of the bird as a CSV file.