Commercial operations management for wind energy

Energy consult's commercial operations management for wind parks is the linking element between all parties involved in park operation.

We take over the commercial processing activities for various operator structures such as citizens' wind farms, mutual funds and institutional investors.

With decades of experience and expertise, we take care of your interests and ensure the flawless operation of your wind energy plants.

We provide support in negotiating contracts as well as liquidity and financial planning, take over the day-to-day business, administration of limited partners and create the decision-making bases for the partners.

Our optimisation recommendations support you in making important directional decisions for your investments in a confident and informed manner.

energy consult provides the following services:

Contract management and optimisation
• Monitoring of contractual deadlines & obligations
• Negotiating conditions with contracting partners
• Managing all obligations resulting from lease agreements

Finance & Accounting
• Ongoing accounting and processing of payment transactions
• Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports
• Preparation of annual financial statements
• Receivables management, incl. feed-in remuneration
• Liquidity management

Reporting & Controlling
• Regular KPI reporting according to customer format
• Budget
• Controlling of yield/availability data

Compliance Management
• Tax-related inquiries & special audits
• Compliance with other statutory reporting obligations
• Observance and implementation of new legal requirements

Shareholder Management
• Planning & organisation of shareholders'/partners' meetings
• Preparation of business reports
• Administration of limited partners