Your service provider for the grid connection planning of your energy park

In addition to the management of wind and solar farms, energy consult specialises in the electro-technical connection of renewable energy generation plants and supports you in all matters relating to grid connection.

We take care of the complete planning of the internal cabling up to the connection of a wind or solar park to the public grid – both at medium voltage and high voltage level. In doing so, we always work in close coordination with all stakeholders involved.

Optimum concept for your grid connection

To ensure that the connection is not only technically reliable but also cost-effective, we always develop and test several concepts for the grid connection to realise the optimal solution for you.

The comprehensive range of services offered by energy consult begins with the conceptual design for the grid infrastructure and ends with the connection during commissioning so that all electronic activities are covered up to ongoing operation.

A large number of regulations and requirements must be complied with when planning the grid connection of a wind farm due to the regulations of the EEG, the SDL Ordinance, the BDEW Medium Voltage Directive and the Transmission Code.

Thanks to our many years of knowledge of the industry and our involvement in committees that shape wind energy, we learn as early as possible about future-oriented innovations in legislation, investment opportunities and technology. As a service provider, we are happy to make this expertise available to you.

Planning and calculation of the grid infrastructure

For successful grid connection planning, we develop communication and control concepts for you, organise the data connection, take over the documentation and document management and plan transfer stations and, if necessary, substations.

We coordinate all the players, prepare specifications for complete infrastructure facilities, carry out the awarding of contracts and supervise the construction. Finally, we support you during commissioning and SDL certification.

Conformity declaration for completion of grid connection planning

As a prerequisite for receiving the statutory feed-in tariff, every project requires a certificate of conformity. This ensures that the details of the plant certificate, which is only issued during the planning phase, match the actual settings of the finished wind farm and the grid connection point.

We also prepare the documentation for the certifier and work hand in hand with him to ensure that the certificate of conformity is available promptly after commissioning of the plant.