All services along the life cycle of a wind or solar park

As a life-cycle-service provider, we offer all services from a single source and are at your side throughout the entire life cycle of your energy park.

We provide technical services and inspections, negotiation of power supply agreements (PPAs), continued operation concepts, grid connection planning, on-demand night-time marking, as well as construction management and financial services.

Only one contact for all your concerns!

Repowering & Continued Operation
Technical testing & Services
Operations Management & Optimization
Construction Management & Grid Connection
Financial Services
Energy Supply Services
Wind Planning Services

Operation Management & Optimization

energy consult is managed by proven experts: technically, commercially, organisationally. By regularly exchanging information with each other and examining all relevant data and documentation of the wind farms managed by us, we ensure the maximisation of profits for operators and investors. We offer our customers flexible service packages - from basic packages to full-service asset management. This concept also includes holistic support for substations, testing and planning of grid connections as well as all activities related to the ongoing operation of wind turbines.

Wind Planning Services

Through our strong network within the PNE Group, we also offer services in the field of wind planning services, which arise during the project development and operation of a wind farm. We take over wind measurements, accredited energy output, noise and shadowing assessments as well as a wide range of supporting and evaluating services.

Energy Supply Services

In addition to the loss of the EEG remuneration, plant operators are exposed to the fluctuating market price in direct marketing. This can lead to liquidity bottlenecks and jeopardise continued operations. The solution is to fix the electricity purchase price for a period (annually) in advance, which ensures a stabilisation of earnings.
Together with selected marketers, energy consult has developed power purchase agreements (PPAs) that are designed to meet the flexibility requirements for the operation of wind power turbines that are no longer subsidised.

Financial Services

During the entire project phase, we are responsible for the collaboration with banks and insurance companies and ensure optimum project financing. The profitability calculations and continuous liquidity planning for each and every project are in good hands with us during all planning stages.

Construction Management & Grid Connection

Energy consult takes over the complete project management, starting with the construction of the roads and foundations, and also take care of the plant approval processes up to the handover of your wind or solar park ready for operation.
In addition, we take care of the complete planning of the internal cabling up to the connection of a wind or solar farm to the public grid – both at medium voltage and high voltage level.

Technical Inspections & Services

Together with its subsidiaries, energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH and MEB Safety Services GmbH, energy consult provides additional technical services and inspections related to the operation of wind turbines.
In the course of on-site inspections, our experts can detect possible damage at an early stage, avoid downtimes and increase availability of wind turbines. You can reduce your risk of significant repair costs, loss of yield and safety-related complaints.

Repowering & Life Time Extension

Energy consult creates individual concepts for continued operation for you as a wind farm operator and ensures the profitable operation of your wind farm after expiry of the statutory EEG feed-in tariff.
If continued operation is not economically attractive, we will also support you in the repowering of your wind farm. In this context, a new review of the expert opinions takes place and the approval procedure is routinely carried out so that the cycle starts all over again.