Effective anti-collision systems: bird protection and minimisation of shutdown times in line with nature conservation regulations

Since 2020, energy consult has been involved in an interdisciplinary team of the PNE Group that is working intensively on the application of anti-collision systems (ACS). The primary goal is to effectively protect bird species such as the red kite, white stork and white-tailed eagle, while at the same time minimising shutdown times to prevent unwanted yield losses at wind farms.

After a thorough examination, energy consult is firmly convinced that it has found a first-class partner for the protection of endangered bird species in wind farms in the Polish manufacturer Bioseco.

How does Bioseco’s AKS work?

Bioseco’s anti-collision system consists of eight camera modules that are mounted horizontally around the base of the tower at heights of up to 20 metres using magnets or tension rings. Together, they provide complete 360° coverage in the horizontal field of vision. The AKS is therefore able to simultaneously record a large number of birds, classify them according to size and react to them according to species.

Detection range of the 8 camera modules

For this purpose, a so-called reaction zone is first defined around the wind turbine, which ensures that the turbine switches to spin mode safely and in good time as soon as a bird reaches a certain distance. The Bioseco system emits a stop signal, which triggers the pitching of the rotor blades. In spin mode, the rotor blade tips of the wind turbine rotate at a speed that is safe for birds at risk of collision. As soon as the bird leaves the reaction zone again, the turbine is restarted in order to minimise the shutdown time.

The BioConsult report confirms the outstanding effectiveness of Bioseco’s anti-collision system, which not only fulfils but even exceeds the KNE recommendations.

An anti-collision system is an excellent solution for meeting nature conservation requirements while minimising shutdown times and yield losses. Our experts will be happy to provide you with information about the installation options for your wind farm.