Power Purchase Agreements also interesting for parks within the EEG remuneration

Due to the currently very high prices in electricity trading, wind and PV plants that are still receiving remuneration can also benefit from PPAs. We offer these parks the opportunity to secure potential additional revenues for the coming quarters or years.  This applies to operators of wind and PV plants with ongoing EEG remuneration as well as post EEG plants. 

A distinction is made between three hedging variants: 

  • Supplementary fixed price regulation for EEG-subsidised plants
  • Switching to other direct marketing
  • Conclusion of a financial hedging solution

As an intermediary between plant operators and electricity consumers, Energy consult combines two areas of expertise in the complex fields of plant operation and the electricity market when brokering power purchase agreements (PPAs) and acts as a “translator” between the plant operator and the electricity purchaser. This includes finding a marketer and assisting in the conclusion of pre-negotiated agreements. We also provide support in concluding and selecting the appropriate hedging option for a wind or solar farm within the remuneration 

After conclusion of the agreement, energy consult also advises the operator on the timing of price fixing on the future market to achieve the highest possible fixed electricity purchase price for the operator. 

Your advantages in working with energy consult: 

  • You can benefit from the connections and volume of the PNE Group on the electricity market through attractive conditions 
  • You save yourself the trouble of building up expertise in the complex field of electricity marketing 
  • You have access to experts from, for example, the energy industry as well as energy and contract legislation and you can save these costs in your own organisation 
  • You remain flexible with energy consult’s standardised agreements (including the option of termination due to major damage and repowering)

Further information on our PPAs can be found here.